List of popular Summer Flowers for Occasions

Dive into our vibrant guide to summer's most beloved blooms! From sunny weddings to backyard BBQs, we've got you covered with a list of popular flowers that shine in the season's warmth. Learn about each flower's symbolism, care tips, and the perfect occasions to showcase their beauty. Make every summer event unforgettable!

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Summer is full of vivid hues and rich blooms, making it the perfect time to celebrate with flowers. Summer flowers can be used for weddings, parties, and just to brighten someone's day. Here's how to use some of the most popular summer flowers to improve your events.

Weddings: Peonies and Hydrangeas

Garden peonies are a summer wedding favorite. They are a romantic choice because of their lovely smell and rich, full flowers. At flower shops in Cupertino CA, peonies come in various shades of pink, white, and red, allowing them to complement a wide range of wedding color schemes. They make beautiful bridal bouquets and table centerpieces because they represent wealth, luck, and a happy marriage.

Hydrangeas are another wedding favorite. Their enormous, spherical blooms in blue, pink, white, and purple are gorgeous. Hydrangeas represent gratitude and genuine emotions, making them ideal for expressing love and thanks on such a great day.

Birthdays: Roses and Lilies

Roses are classic birthday flowers. Summer birthdays are a great time to experiment with colors other than red roses, which are linked with romance. Pink roses show appreciation, while yellow roses show friendship and delight. A mixed bouquet of roses ordered through fresh Flower bouquets delivery Cupertino CA can be a versatile and heartfelt gift for any birthday celebrant.

Lilies are elegant and aromatic, adding class to birthday parties. Oriental lilies from a florist in Cupertino, CA are popular in summer due to their huge blooms and rich perfume. They represent purity, commitment, and rebirth, making them a fitting gift for a new beginning.

Graduations: Irises and Carnations

Beautiful iris flowers symbolize intelligence, courage, and admiration—perfect for a graduation party. Their unusual shape and brilliant hues, especially blue and purple, make them ideal for congratulations bouquets. An iris bouquet shows respect and congratulations to a recent graduate.

Carnations are classic summer flower that are often associated with admiration and love. Red carnations express profound love and affection, while white ones represent purity and luck. A mixed bouquet of red and white carnations can show respect and affection for a graduate.

Anniversaries: Orchids and Tulips

Elegant orchids symbolize strength, beauty, and love, making them ideal for anniversaries. They stand out with their beautiful blossoms and symbolic colors. Purple orchids symbolize reverence, whereas white orchids symbolize purity and beauty. An orchid plant or a bouquet of orchids can make a lasting impression on an anniversary, especially when you plant flowers in summer to enhance your garden's beauty.

Elegant and flexible, tulips can convey different emotions depending on their color. Red tulips represent pure love, while yellow ones represent happiness and sunshine. An arrangement of multicolored tulips on an anniversary is a touching way to express love and dedication.

Housewarmings: Chrysanthemums and Gladiolus

Chrysanthemums, or "mums," represent optimism and joy. Different hues have different meanings. Yellow chrysanthemums symbolize happiness and positivity, making them a popular association with happiness and positive energy. A housewarming bouquet of chrysanthemums may brighten a new home.

Gladioli are tall, beautiful flowers that represent fidelity. Their robust, sword-like foliage and brilliant blossoms make great housewarming gifts. They bring elegance and sophistication to any area, making them ideal for a new house. For those who plant flowers in summer, gladiolus can be a stunning highlight in your garden, showcasing their grandeur and adding to the overall aesthetic.

Summer flowers offer a diverse array of colors, shapes, and scents that can enhance any occasion. From weddings and house warming to birthdays and graduations, there is a perfect summer flower available at FloriFlora Florist to make your any upcoming event special.

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